Social Media Basics

Ways to Use Social Media Basics to Build your Blog Brand

Whatever you do, do not cave into the pressure brought about by the endless social media choices available in which to build your blog brand. You do not have to use each and every social media platform in order to market your blog. Rather, it is important to choose a select few at first and wait. Yes, waiting is tough but necessary if you want to best evaluate the effectiveness of a particular social media platform.

How to Choose the Best Social Media Options

Most online marketers will agree that Facebook and Twitter are two powerful social media platforms that have the power to help build your blog identity. Of course, the content of your posts also can lead you to other social media options such as YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram and even Scribd.

What you are trying to accomplish will often help you in selecting the basic social media platforms that work best with you. And keep in mind, you don’t have to use all of them all the time either. For instance, say your blog is about money-saving tips. One post about decorating on the cheap could be not only promoted on Facebook but also Instagram and Pinterest because the topic lends itself to a social media platform that is more visual. However, a blog commentary about the latest government crisis is best promoted through other avenues like Twitter and Google Plus.

Make It Easy to Share

One of the key social media basics is making it easy for your readership to share your blog. Buttons for all the key platforms you use should be located in a prominent place on your site. That way, your blog is just a click away from being shared with the reader’s circle of contacts.

Create a separate Facebook page for your blog as a way of identifying your blog separately from your personal page, if you have one. In addition, you can post a link to your blog and Facebook blog page on your personal one and then share it. That way, your personal friends and family can keep up to date too and share with their friends.

Consolidate your Platforms

Among the many social media basics to practice is consolidation. There are social media apps for smart phones and desktops which link several of your platforms together so you don’t have to post the same content multiple times. This helps you save time which can be spent creating more quality content and engaging your blog followers.

Blogging and social media were made to go together. Without quality content, you would not get readers. However, you cannot get readers without promoting yourself on social media! Experiment with different platforms and most of all, have fun!

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