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Make your Blog Work for You – Monetise It!

In the “old” days of blogging (only ten to fifteen years ago), banner ads were one of the only ways to make money from your blogging efforts. However, given the competition these days in this online writing realm, diversifying your methods of monetisation is important. The world of blogging and making money online continues to evolve so sampling a few different options will hopefully keep you, well, in the money.

Things to Consider

First of all, it can be tough trying your hand at blog monetisation immediately. Rather, take a few months to get your blog fully operational and build your readership. This delay will also offer some time to work out the “bugs.”

Next, consider your audience. Will they be turned off by ads, promotion of products and services or even sponsored posts? Do these potential monetising options fit within your blog’s primary focus?


The easiest blog monetisation tip right now is advertising. Many ad programs are available like Google Adsense which offers ways to place advertisements on your blog site with ease. A few cents, on average, are earned each time a visitor clicks on the ad. Your volume of traffic often dictates the amount of money you earn.

Selling your own ad space is an option too. However, the popularity of your blog will often influence an entity’s decisions as to the size of the ad, frequency of its appearance and even if they want to advertise at all.

Affiliate Options

Affiliate programs can be a potentially great money maker for your blog and is often considered one of the best monetisation tips for blog marketing. You have options to work directly with certain company affiliate programs or even choose a network with a number of affiliate options. Basically, your blog will include one or more affiliate ads promoting a product or service and if someone clicks on the ad and makes a purchase, you earn a percentage of that sale.

Market your own Products and Services

If the primary focus of your blog offers a natural segue into marketing your own products and services, then why not capitalise on this blog monetisation tip? The good news about this option is if the product or service is totally yours, there is no percentage or profit sharing involved. If you have an archive full of quality posts, perhaps you can re-edit them into an ebook or create a subscription-based webinar. You could create your own online “store” through or even Café Press, depending on your product vision.

Multiple ways exist in which to monetise your blog so it is important to first consider which options best fit into your overall theme. Consistency is the key with your blog message along with quality content. As long as you deliver consistent, relevant material, you will eventually succeed in earning money with your blog.

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