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3 Helpful Tips on How to Grow your Blog Audience

If you want your blog to get noticed beyond your circle of friends and your newly plugged-in grandmother, it is important to find the most effective ways to build an audience. Quality content is a given. You must provide relevant information consistently in order to attract and retain blog followers. However, what other audience building tips can be used so that you are more widely known online?

Read Other Blogs and Comment on Them

Look for other blogs that follow a similar theme or niche as yours and become a follower. It is important to leave thoughtful comments on those posts that strike a chord within you and of course, add a link back to your own blog. However, don’t add a simple comment along with your blog link as that smacks of blatant self-promotion, a huge turn-off and definitely not a blog audience builder.

Instead, engage that blog writer in the comments section using a respectful tone and respond about the particular issue addressed within the post. In addition, you can link back to your own blog but do not do so within the comments. Rather, under account settings (if you are a subscriber), add your blog address to your profile so whenever you comment, your blog’s URL is linked with your name. Consistent comments will attract the blog owner’s attention which will often prompt them to stop by yours. If they add your blog to their blog roll, this move is another great audience builder.

Give Proper Credit

Anything could give you inspiration for a blog post! However, be sure to give proper credit to that source, especially if it is another blogger. Always reference the particular blog post that gave you the inspiration and link back to it. Sharing is important as it sets a respectful, positive tone in the online blogging community. Sometimes, the pingbacks from the referenced link can create new followers, especially other blog owners. It is a great way to forge and strengthen ties with others and build an audience.

Join Online Groups

Networking is one of the primary ways to build a blog audience so joining a few online groups makes sense, especially if your blog’s theme has a narrow niche. There are plenty of groups online that utilise both public and private forums in addition to chat rooms and even Facebook. The potential to gain followers, especially those that would be interested in your blog is huge!

Engagement is the ultimate blog audience building component for success. While there are over a hundred million blogs today, there is a feeling of community and many people want to feel a part of something and be acknowledged for that part.

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